Sound and Vision

This new video from Beck has excited me this week in a way little music has excited me recently.

To start with, the arrangement from David Campbell (Beck’s dad) is a stunning piece of musicianship. Eclectic musical styles come together into something beautiful and cohesive.

I love the setting of the piece. The stage in the round, the performers surrounding. The rotating platforms (the audience doesn’t move, everyone else does.) The blurred line between performers and audience.

Technically, it is beautiful. Lighting, video, sound (yes, it is a lovely listen in surround sound).

But I think that more than the sound, setting or visuals, I think this is a video that speaks to me about the church. Something about the bringing together of such differing expressions (“Remember that time the yodeller and electric guitars game in? Awesome.”), the cooperation, the creativity, the participation, and the conducting.

It is glorious and beautiful and complex.
I long to see a eucharist table in the middle of that setting…