Much has happened since last I posted here…


At the end of November I was ordained as a priest. The ordination was preceded by a superb retreat at Tatum Park where the candidates enjoyed each other’s company, worshipped, prayed, watched films, discussed, and felt well loved.

The ordination experience was spectacular. Wellington Cathedral knows how to put on a great show, and it’s humbling to be the recipient of it once again. And humbling and very special to have friends and family attend in support.

To kneel on the steps as the cathedral sang “Holy Spirit Welcome” (a new kiwi anthem from Edge Kingsland) was incredibly powerful.

Working as a priest in Pahiatua/Eketahuna is the same, but different.

Intangibly, imperceptibly but undeniably, something has changed.

282974_10151190446597327_109185446_n (1)I had the humbling privilege of presiding at the wedding of Phil and Tamsen.

They had so many good people in attendance, better qualified than I to take the wedding.

But they asked me…
Brave couple.

It’s a nerve-wracking thing, these weddings. So much to keep in mind.

I had a ball. And it’s legal. And I love Tamsen and Phil.

Thanks guys.

774352_10151223286021937_1407551660_oNew Wine was fun. For the first time since Taupo days, I slept in my tent (I slept in my car for the three years at Rathkeale, and have had more comfy accommodation at El Rancho in recent years). Tenting is great.

This year I felt much more at home in Adult Zone (The Meeting Place), and helped in hosting and… gasp!… preached the last session. Think it went well – as always I am the worst person to judge my own speaking. Some positive encouragement afterwards.

As I progress through the year I am passionate that my life reflect that of a genuine follower of Christ. What does that look like? What must change? What must grow?

How can I fall more in love with God? How can I be more obedient? How can the fruits of the Spirit blossom in me?

Holy Spirit welcome. You are welcome here. Guide us Holy Spirit. Speak to us again.

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