Due Reason

Three weeks to go until my ordination as a priest, notice was read at church yesterday that if anyone has due reason as to why I should not be ordained to contact the bishop.

Of course I stuck my hand up. It was only kinda as a joke. Because I know myself. I know my flaws. I could come up with dozens of reasons, if not hundred. And I don’t just say that out of a false humility.

I am broken. Not as strong. The “wretchedness” of Romans 7 still rings true.

But the truth is also that I’m not the only person who really knows me. I am deeply and profoundly known by the God who calls and compels me. This God knows all of my flaws, shortcomings, addictions and brokenness. And mysteriously I am still called. And the amazingness of grace washes over me again. And so I sit in my brokenness with a smile on my face and hope stirring my heart.

May God’s holiness grow in me. May my life come to reflect more and more the fullness of who I am made to be. But may my identity be sure in who God is and who God sees me to be.

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