Not long to go now

Two thoughts from a few minutes I spent in the library today before chapel:
  1. I had reflected a couple of posts ago about jigsaw puzzles as a bit of a metaphor for our calling. I said to trust the quality of the puzzle. The library staff have befuddled me by putting out now a puzzle of very dubious quality. It is very poorly made and the pieces do not fit well together. What do you do when you find yourself in a scenario where you don’t think you can trust the quality of the puzzle? You examine each placement even more carefully, you approach each step with certain uncertainty. It makes the puzzle process less pleasurable for sure. It is very tempting to throw your hands in the air, to announce that I am too good for such puzzles. But perhaps therein lies a challenge.
  2. Overheard a comment in a conversation in the library as I searched for edge pieces. “Thank you for your company this week.” What a great compliment. We thank people for their actions. We thank people for the things that they do for us. Such thanks are difficult to know what to do with. But being thanked for just being there… there’s something in that that is incredibly appealing. I think it is (for me) the top level of compliment to anyone.
I spoke at the Life Course at St Pauls on Wednesday night. After 29 months living in the Christian bubble of St Johns, speaking to a room full of non-christians was a scary prospect. Think it went ok. My slides were pretty at least. Positive comment afterwards. Still find it hard to take. Were they just being polite?

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