My, how time passes…

Source: The fine folks at the John Kinder Library

I am now a third year student at St Johns. It seems hard to believe.

But my time here is short. At the end of June I pack up all my belongings and move down to Pahiatua where I will be beginning a two year curacy (think apprenticeship) with the local Anglican church.

People ask me, “are you looking forward to going?”

The honest answer is, “I’m not sure…”
or “yes and no…”
or on other days “not really…”

Over time I have become very fond of this place. St Johns really is a special place. Great community, great surroundings, great conversation. Of course, it drives me mad. It frustrates the heck out of me. Sometimes it makes me angry. But I love it, and I will miss this college greatly when I leave. Why would I ever want to leave?

And at the same time, there is fear of the unknown. What will Pahiatua be like? Will I like the people there? Will they like me? Can I live up to their hopes for me? (Of course I can’t.) Will they live up to my hopes for them? How will small town life shape me? Of course I am excited by the prospect. Thrilled even. It will be so good to have the privilege to journey alongside a new community.

So at the moment I live in a strange space. Change looms large on the horizon. I need to start thinking much more seriously about the practicalities of buying a car and sorting through my stuff. But at the same time, my work here at St Johns is not yet done. I am convinced that these next few months are an opportunity to be grasped.

Bring it on…

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