Want a job?

Wanted: leaders to lead me.

So, it’s official. Bishop Tom is retiring. He confirmed me while he was still assistant bishop (many moons ago), will ordain me as Deacon in November, but then we will have a new bishop. I have really appreciated Bishop Tom as bishop.

Jim White, my dean at college is also leaving (to become Assistant Bishop of Auckland). Jim has been a great leader and teacher.

With change comes great uncertainty. What will the future hold? What will it look like? Will the blessings of change outweigh the painfulness of change? As the political factions buzz their way into behind-the-scenes manipulation (yup, you’d better believe it… it happens in the church) what, or more importantly who, will come forward?

I trust God, but do I trust the church to make these decisions?

The theory is, of course, that the church follows the will of God. The reality is that we are a stubborn mule.

At this point, questions of leadership come to mind for me. I’ve always been pretty suspicious of the leaders who posture and postulate themselves into the leadership spotlight. “Choose me, choose me!” they advocate at every opportunity. I’m much more trusting of those who take the approach, “it’s the last thing in the world I would want to do, but if it be the will of God…” Of course such “humility” has its own dangers.

What does it mean to be a leader? What are the true qualifications? How does the calling of God work, especially through a crackpot institution?

(Send your CV my way…)

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