Easter 2011

Maundy Thursday
Sang and played. Missed out on getting feet washed, but still felt completely connected with preceedings. Played ‘Abide with me’ solo on trumpet at the end. Been a long time since I have played a serious trumpet solo. Felt good.

Maccas with other students after the service, blogged, then headed back into Holy Sepulcher for the last hour of the vigil. Managed to battle the beeping fire alarm and enjoyed the space to pray. Got the alarm down to beeping only every minute, which provided a good prayer focus (think of one topic/person, pray just for them for the full minute until the next beep – amazed how God brings people to mind and directs my prayer).

Good Friday
Back to Holy Sepulcher mid morning for midday service. Another beautiful service. A bit overwhelmed by the size and presence of the cross. Was nice to just sit at the foot of the cross for a bit after the service.

Headed home and felt completely wiped out by the focus of the day. Good Friday undoes me.

Ate dinner of broccoli, carrot and potato soup. Yum.

Easter Saturday
Still feel wiped out by easter journey. Think it is a good place to be on Easter Saturday. Think of the turmoil of Jesus disciples.

Listened to entire audio book of Love Wins by Rob Bell. Found it to be helpful.
(I don’t think Rob Bell is a heretic.)

Excited for the end of lent. Feel like I have been out of contact with many of my friends. Also excited by the moment we can shout out as a congregation “He is Risen Indeed!”
Dead broccoli needs cooking. Invent broccoli scrambled eggs. On toast. Tasty.
Buzzing with excitement as I dress and head to Holy Sepulcher for Easter service. Feel like we sing our hearts out. The way Easter should be. Played trumpet accompanment to ‘Thine be the Glory’ for final hymn.
Sausage rolls and eclares supplied in the church hall afterwards.
Lent is over. Log back onto facebook. Feel lonely.

Easter Sunday
Alarms set for 6am, need to be at St Paul’s to operate the sound desk by 7am. As always anxious about sleeping in and letting the side down. Fortunately up and out in time to grab a McCoffee from the drive through on the way to church.

I know what the knobs in the sound desk do, but still feel like I have no idea what I need to do to make the sound good. I smile, fake it, and try my best. No disasters. Worship and sing along.

Went out to Piha with Lydia and Jordan after church. Lunch at the Piha Cafe, then a drive and a walk. Grey day but lots of people about. Plenty of surfers in the water. Nice way to spend the day with friends

I love easter. I love the slow journey through darkness and light, through pain and victory. I love the way we don’t fastforward straight from Friday to Sunday. I love Jesus. I love the riches of our faith.

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