Lent is a funny season. It’s that period of 40 (ish) days leading up to Easter Sunday. People give things up, they take things up to make the season an examination of self; to discover the presence of God in a life a little less than ordinary.
I don’t know how the number count is going. Perhaps we have passed the half way, I don’t know.
It is certainly a useful season. I realise a little more of what is important, and what is not.
In the past i have prided myself on going hard for lent, giving up meat, shoes, driving, tasty beverages, cheese, walking long distances. All sorts of things. Pride is not a godly attribute.

This year I’m doing something very little, and I’m finding it rather difficult.
Perhaps I might start counting down the days.
Are we there yet?

Have just finished reading “The Year of Living Like Jesus” by Ed Dobson. I was sceptical it would be all about wearing a long beard, eating kosher food and not wearing clothes of mixed weave. And on the cover Ed sports a rather impressive beard. (I’m not sure i could do a beard, not even for lent.)
But this book is all about honesty, personal journey, faith, struggle and life.
I want to follow the way of Jesus. I want my ideas to be changed. I need a fresh passion. I long to be more connected. I believe it is indeed the best possible way to live.

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