Pack the bag

Home is important to me.

Bed, television, safety, space.

Cloister Flat 13 is home.
So is Wellington.

I am on the bus now to Long Bay where I am heading for a couple of days retreat. Just one book to read – it has cow print duraseal on the front and I have not read it devotionally enough lately.

I will be turning off all Internet.
I have not brought headphones with me.
I will hand my sim card in at reception.

I want to hear.
I want to listen.
I need to stop.
Breathe deeply.
Be here now.

On Sunday I fly down to Christchurch where I will be on a months placement at the Cathedral. Will be interesting – I'm not really a cathedral guy. It will be a busy time. Apparently much to do. Then it will be Christmas. Then New Year. Then New Wine. Then a new year and another new semester.

Maybe next year I might even get my own name on my front door?

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