Don’t talk about money

A friend asked me if I believe in tithing (giving 10% of income to the church). I answered that I believe in contributing financially to the local church.

I retain belief that God calls us into family as church together. A body with many parts. We all get to play together, and we get the privilege of contributing together. I believe in the local church and think it's something worth investing in.

I'm also very aware of the power of money. How easily it traps Aware how easy it is to make excuses. I'm a student, for the Lord. I receive the student allowance. What difference could my measly tithe make?

So my friend asked me again if I believe in tithing, the principle of giving ten percent to the local church.

I replied that I believe in generosity. I like ten percent. It's easy maths. But I also believe in eleven…

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