The Room

Doing a preaching course. Last night’s homework was to prepare a two minute description of a biblical location…

The city bustles with the festival
           Travellers from out of town

But this is an anonymous house
           Amongst the dreary suburbia of the city

Nothing significant ever happens here

The street remains typically quiet

The room an upper storey rooftop extension
           doesn’t get a lot of use these days
                      Perhaps a grown family, left home
           Now, life happens downstairs
                      Upstairs a tribute to years past
                                 Accumulated non-essentials.

The room was not expecting company tonight
           Hurried preparations the minimum to ready for a feast.
                      Tables moved
                      Cushions arranged
           But betrayal from the thin layer of dust
           that would otherwise be dealt with
           had time allowed.

Tonight, for a change, the room is full, heavy with somber celebration

Lit lamps cast dramatic orange flames
           that, despite best efforts,
           do not quite reach the furthest corners

The staleness of the air
           mingles with the distinctive aroma of burning oil,
           the presence of thirteen men
           and the smell of a sacred meal.
                      Lamb, herbs, bread, wine.

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