What is Truth?

Ok. Maybe time to get provocative.

I'm at the Hermeneutic Hui of the anglican church which is talking
about sexuality, particularly homosexuality. Not really here as a
participant, but as a member of the chaplaincy team.

Amongst all the discussion, a root question remains among the
definition of truth.

Is there such a thing as absolute truth?
Am I wrong?
Does God get a say?
How do we hear God's voice as a community?
Is it still truth if I don't like it?
Is it still truth if it makes me uncomfortable?
Is it still truth if I passionately disagree?
Is it still truth if it is outside my experience?
Is 'natural' and 'unnatural' a construct or inherent?
Have we boxed God too small?
Have we boxed God too wide?
Is our theology too much like sociology?
Are we listening at all?
Are we saying too much?
Are we not saying enough?
Are we once again missing the point?
Is there hope? Should we give way to dispair?
Are we relating to God?
Are we relating to each other?
How will eternity look at this moment?

One thought on “What is Truth?

  1. 100 years ago, woman didn't have the vote in most countries, 60 years ago many places had legislated racial segregation. With both of the above examples people widely felt that was how god, the bible, other religious texts had ordained the world to be. We look back in bewilderment that that could be the case.Hasn't the (wider) church got better things to do than worry themselves with how people have sex? I mean, really?

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