Changing into neutral

Ever get that feeling when you’re driving down the motorway that you really want to put your car into neutral and cruise for a while?

Thought I would treat myself and go to the movies tonight. So gulped down my dinner and raced off to Sylvia Park, arriving with five minutes to get a ticket and get seated. Chose the shortest queue. I think the cashier was in the running for friendliest employee of the month. Each sale took a lot of questions, lots of pointing, quite a few smiles, walks backwards and forwards to obtain cups, popcorn, coke, icecreams. All very leisurely. I think he was probably cruising. After 10 minutes in the queue the queue was two customers shorter. Another five minutes and I moved forward again. The long queue next to mine had been through.

So I gave up.

I actually like sitting in the theatre before the movie. I like watching the ads on the big screen. I enjoy trailers. I didn’t want to be late. I didn’t want to be stressed. I didn’t want to be served by this attentive cashier. So I left. Into neutral.

And I came home.

Maybe next week?

Can anyone give any reason why Prime Television insist on showing two episodes of “COPS Uncut” every night back-to-back before Letterman? Are we that keen to catch up on back episodes?

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