So it's official.

A few weeks ago I attended the Wellington Diocese MDE. Anglicans love acronyms. In this case MDE stands for Ministry Discernment Event. It's about whether or not I am indeed called to ordained ministry in the Anglican church. To become like a vicar type. Scary stuff.

I left this weekend with the understanding that the wheels of the church turn slowly. I told people so.

However the following Friday morning I was surprised by a call from Bishop Tom. He had a proposal for me… 'Would I consider fast-tracking my process and head up to Auckland next January?' I had the weekend to make my decision. Wow.

I talked to close friends and family. I prayed. And on Sunday afternoon I talked to John (my vicar and boss). Bishop Tom had made it clear that John really didn't have a choice on this one, but I needed his support. We talked and prayed. We agreed that the timing was not what we expected, but that it was somehow right.

Monday afternoon I told Bishop Tom I would go for it. He told me that was the right answer. Within the hour I had the application forms, and within two hours I had a meeting booked with Jim White, Dean of St John's College for the following morning. I had less than two days to get my completed application in. The wheels were indeed turning fast.

So on Sunday night I had the privilege of telling the Karori Vive crew that I won't be around come 2010. A hard decision, and a costly one. I love the Karori crew.

Today I paid a visit to Auckland to visit St John's and to get an idea of the lie of the land. Very grateful to Tim for taking the time to show me around. It's a lovely place, peaceful, beautiful and studious. I don't imagine that the path ahead will be easy. I pray that it will be exciting. Life in abundance.

So I'm on the plane home as I write this. All of a sudden the word 'home' takes on extra meaning.

2 thoughts on “Change.

  1. Awesome God, awesome speed, awesome fella. Will miss you not being in Wellington however i'm so glad God is calling you to something new and risky. Carpe Diem my friend.

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