Nooma: Whirlwind


Been watching the new Nooma video online “Whirlwind” (online here for a couple of days, looks like it’s now gone) on rotation for the last 24 hours.

I can’t hide my bias. I dig Rob Bell. I dig Mars Hill Bible Church. I dig Nooma. Their theology and the messages have helped me and brought me closer to Christ. (I know that they get flack, I know some label them as liberal, dishonest, unfaithful etc. I disagree.)

And I love this episode particularly.

Firstly the geek in me gets excited by the challenge and beauty of a one shot video with a fantastic boom camera and 12 minutes of dialogue.

Second the imagery of the video, in all its simplicity is stunning.

Thirdly I really appreciate that this is a lot of bible. Straight bible.

Fourth i appreciate the message. Taking those times to shake your fist at God. But then having the wisdom of knowing when to stay silent.

The blurb from the website:

A lot of us have gone through times in our lives that are difficult. Some have been small and hard to understand and some have been big and overwhelming. During these times we want answers, don’t we? We want to know why. Why do we have to suffer? Why do bad things happen to good people? We just want someone to make sense of it all. But we don’t always get the answers, do we? Sometimes we are left wondering. And those can be some of the most difficult times. Maybe there are times we need to be released from having to have all the answers. And maybe it’s when we’re released that we are able see there may be more going on here than we realize.


2 thoughts on “Nooma: Whirlwind

  1. Hi ChrisWe have a mutual friend in Dr Butcher. Re Nooma, I agree that the production values are very high. They are very well executed. It's been a while since I read velvet Elvis. I'd heard the complaints about Rob, but came to the book with an open mind. He seemed to be more about undermining certainty than to be proposing an alternative set of ideas. Undermining the traditional sets of doctrine without giving clear explanations as to why they could be discarded (the whole trampoline thing). I Anyhow – I also really liked the photocopier face image – really funny!

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Andrew. I think that to say "we know and understand everything to do with God, Jesus, the Bible, the Gospel, and our interpretation on it is the definitive article" is dangerous at best.By that, I do not believe that the Gospel as we have received it is wrong, I just believe that anyone who has spent much time in a church must be wary of missing out on the fullness of the Gospel by trying to fit in too small a packaging. As Rich Mullins said, we all underline different parts of our bibles…

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