Home again

I'm exhausted. Moving is physically stressful. My back hurts and my arms have various muscle pains to remind me that they've been up to something outside of the usual. Even scrubbing the fridge has turned into a workout. As I lie in bed, it is with a level of exhaustion and satisfaction that surpassess what passes for normality in my life.

We've broken the camel's back. The house is clean (or as close to that as we're likely to get it), most the furniture is out. Just a trip (or two) to the tip tomorrow and some local deliveries remain.

The weight and cloud called "shifting" has lifted. I am so grateful for the support and help of many.

I now lie in bed in the room where I grew up. The carpet is very threadbare and paintings from my nephew on my wall and his name on the door remind me that while many things seem the same, much has changed.

So i'm back home for a month. I haven't made this place my home for many years. I've had four wonderful flats in the meantime. Wonderful people.

Time for sleep.
It's nice to be home.

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