Notes from duffy robbins

RobbinsDuffy-1-07 Heard Duffy Robbins speak again today at an event at Avalon Baptist. He is great. The talk that really hit home was his first… these are the notes I took on my phone…

That cause youth workers to burn out, blow out, drop out and retire

Amazing adventure
Also great danger

Six perils that can sink a career:
+ Feelings of personal inadequacy
+ Strained family relationships
+ A growing loss of confidence
+ Feeling unqualified for the job
+ Disorganised in one’s work habits
+ Burn out



Pothole #1. Consuming activity

VANITY. We exhaust ourselves wanting to convince people we are important.
Henry Nouwen “In the name of Jesus”
+ Temptation to be relevant
+ Temptation to be spectacular
+ Temptation to be powerful

1. Strong sense of identity, self consciousness
The Ministerial Self (sons of Sceva)

2. Weak sense of identity, self consciousness
The Narcissistic Self (Simon the magician)

3. Weak sense of identity, God consciousness
The burn out self (God as taskmaster)

4. Strong sense of identity, God consciousness
The healthy self (God as father)

Am i struggling hard to be something other than me?

SLOTHFULNESS. Unintentional inactivity. Sometimes the laziest people are the busiest people. Present but not really. Not called to activity. Called to productivity. Like a tree (not a busy thing) about roots and fruits.

Has sloth shown up in my family life?
Am i serving in places where my giftedness and fulfilment lie?
Am i living too much in the future?
Am i spending too much time on tasks that are are useful but not important


Pothole #2. Personal holiness.

"that dead end street where all the words already spoken, all events already taken place, all the people already been met" Nouwen
First love buried

+ Spending more time talking about prayer than actually praying
+ Private prayers begin to sound like public prayers
+ Reading the bible only for preparing studies
+ No time for cultivating the inner life
+ Third person reading
+ Inner exhaustion that leads to outer crankiness and cynicism
+ A loss of wonder
+ Increasing work with decreasing joy

I want there to be more to me than i get paid to be

Eugene Peterson "Working the Angles"
Listening to God:
+ Prayer
+ Scripture reading
+ Spiritual direction

Being attentive to God in a world of distraction

It requires quiet
It does not happen in the front of the room


Pothole #3. Dishonest intimacy. Sexuality. Pornography. Masturbation. Lust.

"What you may do and what you should do are two different things"
Archibald Hart

Slippery slope of "that couldn’t happen to me"


Pothole #4. Neglected relationships.

Guarding the family
And i taking a day off and keeping it holy?
Who am i holding responsible for my family’s schedule?
What am i doing to let my family members know they are special?

Accountability check

duffy For more information, I ought to read “This Way to Youth Ministry” by Duffy Robbins

Anyone own it?

Can I borrow? Please?

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