Burning Lies

29042009(009) 27052009

Spoke twice at church today. This morning at 10.30 and with the crew at 7pm.

The morning talk was barely cohesive. I rambled and wasn’t succinct. Felt fairly discouraged through the day. People told me this evening it was ok. I am an awful judge of the quality or success of my own talks.

Anyway, spoke on John 3:1-17 where Nicodemus spoke to Jesus. Looked at Jesus’ explanation of the Kingdom of God and the difference between the Kingdom and the Club of Church. I responded to my own altar call.

Felt pretty rubbish this afternoon. Upset stomach.

Was gonna bail on talking this evening and instead show a video clip.
If only i could find one…

(Any recommendations?)

Anyway, in setting up the church (pre-evensong setup) I decided that we should plough ahead and proceed with the plan that I have had for a number of weeks.

Looked at the devil. Scary… Looked at John 10:10 then got people in groups to list the lies that the devil tries to trap us with. Gave them a copy of a list from this blog to get them started.

Then got people to take some time on their own, identify the lies that we are each personally battling. We wrote them on strips of paper and then burnt them.

I like burning things.

Was nice to do something tangible and sensory.

Sam and Jemma led great worship tonight too…

Hometime. Pretty tired.

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