Pentecost Snow

The weather today has beet very odd. Patches of sun and blue sky in between the constant hail and snow. It’s been chilly!

Pentecost. Had a combined service this morning that (I thought) completely missed the mark. Maybe I just wasn’t in the right space. I expect at least some ministry/focus on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit/explaination of what pentecost means.

Did I mention it was cold today?

Didn’t have a “service” tonight but had a great gathering. Felt like church, and felt like pentecost too. Isle played and sang three songs on the piano. I could listen to him for hours. (I did this afternoon). Jasmine played a song she had recorded earlier (she sounds stunning), Alana read a fantastic story (I love you to the moon and back) and Jemma was talked into playing a wee Coldplay number (accompanied by some fine dance). We have such a talented a creative crew.

I bumbled through talking a bit about the Holy Spirit, read the Acts 2 Pentecost passage and we waited. No fireworks. No visible tongues of fire. But a lovely moment.

In bed now. It’s warmer and comfy.

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