On Leave

I’m excited to be taking a week’s leave. Away from the office!

I find leave a bizzare thing. I have the best job in the world. I mean that. I get paid to do the things that I used to do in my spare time as a hobby. So what am I meant to do with my time off?

But at the same time, I need leave. I’ve been fairly solidly at it for many months now. Didn’t get a break after Soul Survivor or New Wine.

My head needs to get out of “church management” mode. It doesn’t mean I stop being a Christian. It means I stop being a churchy man. And hopefully I discover all over again what it really means to be whole, free, deep, intimate.

I’m driving up the North Island in a rental car to see Coldplay in Auckland. Excited for the gig, but probably more excited about the drive at the moment. Strange.

On an unrelated note, was Elisha the Marths Stewart of the bible?
– He started a boutique home business in the olive oil trade
– He fixed the foul tasting stew by adding a little flour
– He fed a hundred people with twenty loaves of barley bread and corn
– He gave advice for washing in the Jordan River
– He recovered damaged handyman tools
– He had 42 children mauled by bears

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