Pasty white legs

I’m loving this summer deal.

Warmth, cold drinks, barbecues, wearing shorts.

Hang on a minute there…
Wearing shorts? Me?

I had to wear shorts at college up to the end of fifth form. After that I wore trousers, and i have ever since.

I’m embarrassed by my pasty white legs. I’m embarrassed by my inability to get anything as simple as a light tan. So for years i’ve hidden under trousers, even in the most sweltering of weather. Intimidated.

Silly, huh?

A couple me years ago i made significant progress… I started summer swimming at the beach with friends. During the day. This meant a few minutes out in the sun wearing swim shorts before i would run back to my car and change back to my jeans.

I’m sure the whole beach was pointing at me and laughing. Blinded by the reflection.

Last year i bought shorts and even wore them a couple of times on particularly hot days when i thought that nobody would be around. Never in public.

How pathetic do i sound?

So far summer 2008/09 is the year of wearing shorts. Even in public.

It is good.

Apologies if i blind you.

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