A good day

A sunny Sunday. It’s now 13.5 hours since I arrived at “the office” and I’m still here.

Spoke at 9am and 10.30am services this morning. Was a bit of a mess at 9am but organised my thoughts better at the next service.

Spoke of the love of God as a primary driving force for our lives.

Used this powerful video clip from Rolf Harris.

Had many comments tonight talking to the Evensong community as we mingled after their service. Very encouraging.

Met this afternoon with Lydia and Shane, some dear friends. They are amazing. They make me bigger.

Spoke at church tonight stealing notes from Bruce Collins. (Have I mentioned he’s a guru?) I love our crew. So much good food (where did it all come from? wow.)

Farewelled Alana on her way to Thailand for three weeks. She is an inspiration.

Finished the night with a good time of worship at the Grand piano in the church as part of the praver vigil for the Elections in New Zealand and America.

And now I’m here at my new laptop. Happy as Larry. And now too late for the supermarket on the way home from church.

Have three packets of Juicies in the fridge at home. They beckon me.

They taste great frozen.

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