So… I was hanging out at the diocesan office, and Ben told me "time to update the blog". He can even quote old posts. Wow.

Hi blog.
Sorry for not posting here much lately.
Nothing intentional.

New Laptop
Work have kindly updated some of the computers around here, and I am a winner. In fact, we are all winners. This blog post is being typed on a shiny new Dell Vostro 1510. Sure, it’s not the most beautiful looking machine in the world, but it is pretty cool, and I love being able to log on with the swipe of a finger. Yeah.

Not fully set up yet, but not long now…

New Wine
I love the New Wine crew. The opportunities, the encouragement, the challenges, the laughs…

Had the opportunity to join a ministry team accompanying Bruce Collins in some stuff in Auckland and Christchurch. To say that Bruce is a guru in Holy Spirit ministry teaching and equipping is like saying that the Queen is slightly British. Like saying that Juicies taste great frozen. He’s amazing. And God is amazing. And scary. And being pushed out of the boat on a regular occurrence is wonderful.

Been thinking a lot on the lessons learned. Lots of thoughts on worship, on intimacy, on leadership, on styles, on how we keep our DNA.

But been challenged more today by thoughts on what my pursuit of gracious leadership looks like. Why do I go with a critical eye? Why do I insist on following “It was great” with a “but…”? Do I think it makes me smarter, or sharper, or more ponderous.

Maybe gracious leadership is being able to say “It was great” without feeling the insecurity or necessity to examine and break down further.


I don’t want to be dishonest. I don’t want to play a game of holy make believe in the pursuit of big smile spirituality.

On your Mark
Been teaching through Mark on Sunday nights. I love it. Not sure my messages have really hit the mark, but I have been amazed at how the passages have been coming to life for me.

Particularly liked the bit of Mark 10 on Sunday in verse 32 where it says:

“They were on their way up to Jerusalem, with Jesus leading the way, and the disciples were astonished, while those who followed were afraid.”

This picture of the crowd following Jesus being a mixture of astonishment and fear is beautiful. Maybe that is what church can look like.

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