Listened to Adrian and Bridgett Plass speak tonight at Karori Baptist. Wonderful.

If I were to name the christian voices that have shaped me, Plass would certainly rate very highly. It’s not that his theology is very flashy. He doesn’t use big words or seek to impress me with his learnings. It’s that his theology is very real, very genuine, very honest. I sit, I listen, I think, I cry, I am healed.

I encounter Jesus.

And it is the words of Plass that constantly flow through my brain. A number of years ago I aquired through semi-illegal means a recording of an old Adrian Plass message. I listened and listened and listened until the tape started making his voice sound rather like an inebriated spacemen. I also transcribed some poems and committed them to memory.

From memory I often recite (or try to recite):
+ When I became a Christian
+ The Telephone Call
+ Stress
+ The Dream of Being Special
+ The World is Very Big and Round
+ Sunday
+ Mergatroid and Pratt

Words that shape me. Words that give a voice to my frustration. Or melancholy. Or joy.

Maybe I’m overstating it. But maybe not. Maybe there is something here for how I want to live and minister.

Also, reading and thoroughly enjoying the read of two books at the moment. (Feel rather proud of myself at being able to write that.)

My Beautiful Idol by Pete Gall is a great read. To be honest I picked the book up because it had a good cover (the image doesn’t do it justice). I know that the cover doesn’t matter to God (1 Samuel 16:7) but Chris looks at the outward appearance. Having Yancey and Claiborne on the back helped.

From the back cover:

“In a creative narrative style rooted in raw honesty, My Beautiful Idol invites readers to identify with the young would-be Christian hero as he seeks God, and as he hides from God. Far from reducing complex matters to simplistic formulas, Pete Gall weaves together stories both sublime and wretched, ego-building and humbling, humorous and painful, and successfully celebrates the messiness of faith, the importance of validating truth, and the unscripted nature of experiencing a God who is intimately involved in all of life.”

In my bedtime I’m starting through the Chronicles of Narnia again. All packed into one book, it’s quite a tome. Starting with Magician’s Nephew. It is good.

Off to a New Wine weekend tomorrow, gathering with our Firewire team for the first time. Feel a little bit behind the ball (disorganised etc) but at peace. I’m looking forward to a good fun, relaxed weekend with friends.

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