there’s Been a lot to blog, but i haven’t been doing it…

Blogging (or not blogging) is not something I feel guilty about. However I know from looking back over past entries how helpful this can be.

I’m still working through my thoughts and reflections from the UK trip. It was an incredible time of retreat and I don’t want to miss out on the lessons learnt. It is so easy to return to the business of the day-to-day and let the lessons pass you by. Have to report back to the senior staff meeting on Tuesday so that might help to refresh things in my mind.

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Was onboard a Wellington bus that crashed into a car coming up Bowen Street. Was a pretty horrific thing. The car was a long way over into our lane, travelling pretty fast. Driver unconscious.

Thoroughly impressed with how the driver handled the whole thing. Emailed Stagecoach to tell them and got a very prompt, friendly, grateful reply. Good on you Stagecoach! Had a call from Victim Support the following morning (unnecessary but appreciated). Wonderful service. (Photo is from the dom post)


Finally got the news section of the Vive website up and running. Trying to run it as a regular blog with reports from services etc. Check it out!


Spent the weekend of the 40 Hour Famine under tarpaulins on the vicarage lawn with four others from the Vive crew. It was a very cold, damp weekend. Continues to make me appreciate just how much we have. Warm, comfy beds and hot water are such luxuries. Certainly something worth doing again.

As posted earlier I returned from the UK with a blood clot in my leg. After two scans and two trips to the doctor I am now on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications (so that I don’t become a flaming biotic?). With my irregular patterns it can be hard to judge the “two times a day with food”. Will keep persisting.

I’ve flirted with Windows Live Writer in the past, but never stuck. I’m trying again. The new technical preview version is lovely with support for cropping images, borders, frames, easy-peasy setup and nice interface. Will it stick? Who knows…

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