Church Meetings (Anagram of ‘Retching Muches’)

At a church SGM tonight about property stuff. These meetings always seem to get me a bit depressed – hearing from people who clearly ‘don’t get it’.

Someone made a particularly provocative comment and I had the perfect response… an hour later in the car on the way home. Duh!

It would have gone something like this: “This is not some sort of fad, trend or temporary experiment. This is growth, this is life. I long for a church that defies your expectations, a church where the carpet wears out too quickly because of overuse, a building bearing the stretch marks of life, a community that risks, that dreams, that pursues, that gives and that celebrates. Our history is full of significant decisions. Our future relies on them.”

2 thoughts on “Church Meetings (Anagram of ‘Retching Muches’)

  1. I didn’t go.I wasn’t planning on it because I didn’t have a babysitter but then turns out at the last minutemy significant other was sick so she could have looked after the small person. But I decidedthat staying at home was more worthwhile than than wasting an evening on this sort of thing.Also it seemed to me the only decision being made was whether to remove all the pews now, or half the pews now and half in ten years time. Even getting better storage space seems to have fallen of the architect’s plans.So did I miss anything at all?

  2. hehe retching muches. awesome.I’m afraid lack of dinner got the better of me before the controversy kicked in.I loved your belated response, spot on.

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