Ups and downs

Hope you like the slight revamp around here. Thought it was time for some customisation…

Great stuff
Had a good service this morning – combined church service with Bishop Tom. Two baptisms, five confirmations and four rededications. Very cool. A privilege to stand alongside Andrew and present him. Mike, Laura and Andrew have all come so far. Brilliant.

Swing back
Tonight’s service was a bit of a hard one for me. As is our tradition on fifth Sundays (when the combined morning service is first priority) we didn’t do normal ‘church’ but instead had a “Celebration of Creativity”. People came and shared their talents and we all had a great time. Luke gave us a one-man rendition of Joseph and his Technicolour Dreamcoat, Jasmine juggled (including a finale juggling eggs), Daniel, Carlos, Jemma, Tessa and James treated us to musical talents, Annaleigh danced, and I even pulled out my trumpet upon demand. Very supportive, very cool.

But where was everybody else? Our numbers were half what we had two weeks earlier. Where were the old timers? The leaders? Why do they not show? Voices in my head whisper exodus, of failure, of poaching, of missing the mark. Is this a symptom of something much worse? The voice whispers, I listen and I worry.

But I do recognise the voice. It’s take on the truth distorts.

I seek the quieter voice. The voice of comfort.

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