The tomb is empty. The desolation of Good Friday is replaced with the awe-struck “i can’t believe it” message of Easter Sunday.

Oh, and lent ends.

This year I gave up (mostly) soft drinks, caffeinated drinks and internet. Largely, this has meant unplugging myself from the constant flow of information that is Google Reader. I returned today to over four and a half thousand posts – most of which i won’t read and never actually needed to read in the first place.

I have missed the flow of information. I have taken to listening to news reports with greater attention. I feel “out of the loop” with my friends – they haven’t been here and I haven’t been following their ramblings.

I value the online world as genuine community. There are some people that I communicate mainly with through the keyboard, and that is fine. I look forward to catching up with some of you real soon.

I will probably have some meaningful posts coming up soon (or maybe not), but for now I must head down to church and prepare for our Easter Celebration tonight.

Hi is risen!
He is risen indeed!

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