2008 Arrives

Who could believe it? 2008 has arrived. Thought it would be good to look back over some history.

I was born in Wanganui Public Hospital. In September we moved to Tawa and on December 10 I was baptised. (Feel free to comment on your theology of infant baptism, but I’ve always felt my baptism significant, meaningful and ultimate.)

I was in my final year at Greenacres Primary School. It was a small school, struggling to grow its role to over 100. I can still name everybody in my year group from memory. Graeme Schofield was my teacher-principal, and a good teacher too. The world was my oyster. I looked forward to joining the Intermediate Youth Group at church the following year. Landed roles in the sunday school christmas production.

My third and final year of a degree in Geography at Victoria University. I never really enjoyed the academic world, and was just glad to get my piece of paper at the end. I taught brass at 8am on Saturday mornings at the Tawa Music Centre, mowed the lawns at St Peter’s Linden, and did filing for the international Office at Opus. My real passion was for the youth group (Cephas) at St Peter’s on Friday nights. What a fantastic crew and a gracious God.

I enter January with Soul Survivor, New Wine and a new flat on the horizon. I love my work at Karori Anglican Church.

I don’t know what the year holds. Watch this space…

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