It’s 3.45 am and I’ve just got home. I feel nothing like sleeping.

At 4.30 pm last night I picked up Beki Harward up (from the Soul Survivor team) and
we made our way up to Wanganui to speak to a combined youth gathering at Christ Church. The evening went well, and following dinner with Lorne and Sue, we made our way home.

Adventure #1
Coming into Bulls, the petrol light I had been ignoring decided that it had had enough. The engine stopped, and we coasted to a point close to the first sign into Bulls. Beki and myself walked to the petrol station where they lent me a tank, sold me some petrol and we walked the 15 minutes back to the car. A fill up and we were on our way. Phew.

Running late, but no worries. The stars were beautiful but the humourous “FORGIVE-A-BULL” signs were no funnier at walking pace.

Adventure #2
Coming out of Paraparaumu, I noticed the car ahead of us swerving all over the road, then eventually drive into the ditch. I stopped further down the road, and headed up to the car. Apparently the occupants were not happy.

We made a hasty retreat to our car where the male occupant of the car (not the driver) tried to smash in our passenger window with his elbow with three mighty whacks. Very terrifying.

Drove 500m down the road and called 111. Spent a long time on the phone to the friendly man, constantly watching the rear view mirror for our friend, expecting to see him stumble up the road to continue his attack. Fortunately the voice at the end of the phone eventually told me that they had taken the two occupants into custody, but asked us to wait for a few minutes so that the police could come and get a statement off us.

We waited, amazed at the drama that had taken us.

Beki – “If I were superstitious, I would say that bad luck happens in three.” We laugh.

After half an hour police call us back. “You’re not still waiting are you?”
“Yes, indeed we are.”
“You may continue on your way.”

A bit late, but hooray.

Adventure #3
We get buckled up and ready to depart. Our adrenaline levels are still through the roof from our assault. I’m just keen to get home.

I turn the key in the ignition.

Oh crap.

In our wait on the side of SH1 I had left the headlights and radio on. The battery was now complaining. Or more accurately, the battery was refusing to cooperate. It too had enough.

We try to crash start the car. Unfortunately Beki has not had a lot of experience behind the wheel at doing this. By the time we finally get the car started (thanks to Becs pushing and my efforts at the wheel) I was panting like something that pants really heavily, my mouth was dry and my legs were cramping intensely and painfully. At least God answers prayers.

I am glad to now be home, but the terror of someone trying to smash through the window of my car still has me a bit freaked.

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