Things that make you want to cry

My last bastion of freedom in an office of oppressive computer regulations is nearing it’s “use by” date. I have relented and agreed that the laptop computer used for youth ministry uses should be standardised and “locked down” to the office computer system.

Hence, I find myself after hours backing all data up onto my external hard drive.

First bit of this sob story – I cut myself on the filing cabinet drawer getting my external hard drive out of the tech drawer. A funny experience – it cut quite deep and I thought “that feels odd on my finger” – my finger was embedded on the side of the drawer. The quickly acquired sticking plaster is now soaked in blood.

Finally figuring out all the important bits to back up (My Documents, Easyworship Database, background images etc) and nearing the end of the operation, I pulled my chair away from the desk, catching the power cable from the hard drive on the leg of the chair as I did so.

The hard drive hurtled its way onto the floor.

It’s dead Jim.

The click of death has moved in. This is bad news.

For one it is plain frustrating. For another I may have lost some files. For another, i now need to work through the task of backing up everything AGAIN, this time onto DVD’s and the last bit onto a work external hard drive.

And this time, the process is REALLY slow. DVD’s never burn fast.

And I now have a dead hard drive. That thing cost money. I don’t have money.


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