Sanctuary Journeys

A confession… I don’t often read Christian books. I even less frequently finish them. The bookcase next to my bed is littered with good intentions, great starts and pauses for reflection.

I wisely nod my head when Yancey or McLaren is quoted, but honestly can’t confess to have done a good job of reading their books. I guess I’m not really much of a book person. Maybe this simple confession makes me a worse person. Perhaps I’ll be 15% more redeemed if I finish my reading list. Perhaps I would be far less scared of theological study if I began with a few simple garden theologans and injected myself with their wisdom. Perhaps.

My good friend of many years (and a man of great wisdom) Andrew Butcher has just put out a new book of reflections. It is called “Walking the Emmaus Journey – Reflections for the Road”. At 1:15am I have just finished reading it right through and I’m thoroughly inspired.

Get your hands on this book. Have a read. Grow.

I’m terriffically jealous of Andrew. He has a way with words and an ability to capture them onto paper that I could only dream of. The road in the last year or two has not been always easy for him, but it sure makes for engaging reflection.

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