Live Camp

Just back from Live Camp.

A great weekend.

Highlights (I’m not in a particularly talkative mood, so will use bullet points):

1// Feeling good about being there, being a leader, not feeling entirely inadequate.

2// Finding my cell phone after it was lost.

3// What a fantastic crew. Even though there were none of the Vive squad present.

4// My cell phone spent last night at the bottom of Waitawa Lake. It doesn’t work yet.

5// Followed a Nissan Micra back for quite a way. Awful colour. Tried to figure out how marketing people would name it without mentioning the works “puke” or “poop”. Apparently it is “Citron”. If in doubt, invent colours. This car also comes in such unappealing colours as “Apricot”, “Spearmint” (Aqua), “Rose Quartz” (Pink) and “Garnet” (Chocolate).

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