The wheeze of melanchol

My shortness of breath has returned.

For the last few years, over winter I have developed a wheeze and shortness of breath that draws me back to by Bricanyl puffer (and last year to the doctor).

This year, having made it past the cold of winter and into spring, I was celebrating not having been struck down. Perhaps not living in a damp flat makes a difference?

However, over the last couple of days the wheeze has returned. I feel that I can’t really breathe deeply – that half sized breaths are the best I can do without coughing. I cough like a smoker.

More than the cough, my energy levels drop. I feel tired, worn out, distant, disconnected. Last year, this led to a period of melancholic greyness. Great for blog inspiration, but not great for living.

This year (well, at least today) I am determined to not let it drag me down.

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