Lover, you should’ve come over

‘Cause it’s not too late

Pastor S G Harvey spoke at church last night about the journey to grace and freedom, and the difficult decisions that pursuing life takes us through. Man he’s good. It is such a privilege and joy to be able to sit back while someone articulates what I’ve been trying to say, but says it well and clearly and passionately, and to see people “get it” and respond.

Went to spiritual director this morning. Talked about the tricky subject of “what does it mean to be spiritual”. Then went to the blood clinic and gave plasma so that the hospital can have big television screens (or something like that). Lunch with Maddever and back to church for the funeral of Sid Narraway.

I never really knew Sid very well, but I knew that he was a man of passion, deep faith, deep love, deep inspiration. I don’t know how I knew that, but somehow I just knew it. Somehow he just oozed Jesus.

Inspiration and lots of food for thought.

One thought on “Lover, you should’ve come over

  1. Ahhhh, Chris, appreciate the lil plug there, but you got the title wrong. Its Chief Executive Senior Pastor S G Harvey… now go sow a corner of your field and you will find life

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