I’m Grumpy

Now, I’m a very tolerant person most times, and realise that telephone customer service is a very difficult activity.

On Friday afternoon, I was being a helpful young person, helping someone from church to fix their internet (they had messed up their settings for their cable modem).

I needed to ring the help desk to find out exactly what settings they needed to put in. It appears that the installers don’t do anything as kind as to leave details of settings, configurations or anything.

I waited on hold
Kenny G
Telephone torture
For 52 minutes

During this time, the person’s whose computer I was fixing had to go off to pick up her daughter from school.

When eventually I got through to customer service, they told me that they couldn’t give me the network settings without authorisation from the account holder. Really? I waited on hold for 52 minutes and you refuse to give me simple settings? I’m not asking for passwords, changing account settings or anything here… If you’d answered my call in reasonable time, you could have talked to her, but she couldn’t wait 52 minutes.

Not courteous, not helpful, not customer service…
Not good enough.

I wasn’t happy.

PS: KFC Porirua drive through: pick up your game too. Standards are slipping.

I am a grumpy old man

4 thoughts on “I’m Grumpy

  1. I feel your pain! I too have been kept on hold by a telephone company for around 45mins just to be told it wasn’t their problem. I had to ring another company and then back to the original company where I was kept on hold for another 30 mins or so.As for KFC… I laid a complaint once about some really bad service, and they sent me $75 worth of vouchers!

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