Joining the God of the Oppressed

Recent Mars Hill podcast is a two hour Q&A with Rob Bell. One topic that Rob seemed very reluctant to talk on was the personal details of what the recent journey has meant to him…

For me, there is no point in getting up here week after week talking if the Gospel isn’t working for my family and I.If my wife and I and our boys, if we’re not experiencing in our own life growing peace and the wild abandon that comes from following Jesus then there’s no point here.

We have been really wrestling with “what does it mean to join the God of the oppressed? And “who are the oppressed and how do you hear their cry?”And we came to a moment last year of… we’d had this growing sense that there were more steps to be taken and so we enrolled our boys in a public school in the city, and put them in a totally new world. And then we knew that wasn’t enough. So we sold our house in the suburbs and moved into the city and went from four bedrooms to two and started walking lots of places.

We’d walk out our front door, homeless people ask us for money, there are drug deals right there, and everyday when I walk my boys to school they see things. It’s not safe….

You gotta live with soul. What I discovered when you’re on a stage is it’s easy – you can just fake it. And then go to your own private despair and put on the religious show. And I discovered in this journey that you can’t do the two lives.

We each have a life we’ve been given, and I’m trying to be true to what God made me to do.

An inspiration for me. Being one of the most influential Christians in the US, Rob Bell could well be claiming right privileges to the perks of the job…

4 thoughts on “Joining the God of the Oppressed

  1. Wow, I love it. Love the integrity, love the reluctance to talk about it, love the heart. I found out recently that campolo lives in an incredibly simple small house, and every bit of his furniture is second hand. Incredibly inspiring.

  2. Inspiring, but also very challenging. Can I just mention that Scottie and I are pretty much saints too. Come on the goatshed is pretty much the ghetto.Ok, that’s a load of crap. I’ve got a long way to go. We need to learn the blessing of minimalism.

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