Aussies, give it up!

Ok, so I had a great time in Aussie (despite the cricket… rah, rah, rah).

But I was completely astonished with Sydney’s apparent love affair with the Comic Sans font. It should be banned. I saw big signs at Sydney airport in the useless font, I saw restaurant menus, plumbers trucks, taxis, on television, shop signs, billboards, company logos, EVERYWHERE.

Stop it people!

I don’t care if you’re good at cricket, short on rain, have funny accents, or think our accents are wierd… pull yourself together. Comic Sans is not a nice font. Listen to me Australia! It is not a clever font. It was never, and never will be good for your poster, flyer or letterhead.

Fair dinkum!

(Thanks to those of you who have pointed me to… it has long been a favourite website of mine. Share the passion!)

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