Hot Cross Buns

Went this morning out in pairs from the church office giving out Hot Cross Buns to people in businesses in the local community. A great experience. Lots of very positive responses.

Highlights would be:

  1. The joiner
  2. The real estate agents
  3. The hair salon
  4. The bookshops
  5. The roti channai factory (an unexpected surprise)

This Maundy Thursday enterprise follows up from pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. The repeated visits are building on the relationships being built and are great at getting our faces into the community around us.

On a related note, i will be following through the Maundy Thursday (my blood shed for you… sweat like drops of blood etc) theme this afternoon by making my monthly visit to the blood service to give my deposit of plasma.

Have you made your appointment yet? What’s your excuse?

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