I feel self righteous

Gave plasma at the blood service today. Feel good about myself.

Talking to the vampires at the blood service, they need more people. I never miss 650g of blood plasma. Giving blood is not squeemish, difficult, time-consuming or painful.

So, if you read this blog and don’t give blood or plasma, what’s your excuse?

Phone 04 380 2243 and make an appointment today. And make sure you drag a mate along too.

One thought on “I feel self righteous

  1. Hear hear Mr Dirt. I gave blood for the first time about a year ago. Must do so again very soon , although would like to be in a fit state to do so (i.e not so tired). I presume you have to give plasma coz you’ve been to Africa, Asia and the like. I too will most likely have to give plasma having been to Zambia last year. They probably think i have gonnorehea of the throat or something

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