The next big thing

So much of life seems embroiled in the search for the next big thing. And often the passion is to arrive at that next big thing before anyone else gets there. To like that band, to read that book, to hear that speaker, to get that haircut, to hear God speak on this subject… whatever, before anyone else.

It's an unsatisfibale appetite.

In Christian circles it defines us and drives us on. We pick up on the latest book, the latest teaching, the latest worship songs, the latest programme, each time hoping that this will revolutionise us, that this will make us more complete.

And too quickly we become Alpha'd out, or contageously christianed, or purpose drivened, or hillsonged or kendricked or redmoned or rob belled or parachuted, willowed, emergented, victorioused or brokened.

We chew through the latest phase, love it, hate it, move on.

There is only one place that we find fulfilment. Only one place where we find completion.

If only i could live in that place more….

One thought on “The next big thing

  1. I thought you were the next big thing? Pope Dirty IV.Good point though, its especially bad I find when you are left trying to keep the momentum going on the last big thing whilst everyone has moved on to the next.How’s the lent fasting going? Fancy a upsized cow with cheese?

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