Friuty Telephones


So, people for a while there were caught up on the launch of Apple’s iPhone. A very smart device that does a limited number of things very well. great if you want to surf the internet very slowly, and don’t mind paying an excessive amount of money. Very nice interface though. And a long way from making it to New Zealand (and when it does, most of the nicest features probably won’t work anyway).

So now a cheeky Chinese form have announced their version. They admit it is some of their own ideas and some of Apples. But they hav done it right. It runs a real operating system (Windows Mobile), has a 3 megapixel camera, 720×480 pixel screen, video out, g3, gsm, and is a real “smart phone” and not just a pretty phone.

And it’s cheaper than Apple’s expensive option.

I want one.

Read more here…

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