Those funny Bishops

Drunken antics of Anglican Bishops are not my usual form of entertainment, but I could not help smiling at this article about the Bishop of Southwark.

A quote for those of you averse to clicking on links:

They say he ended up in Crucifix Lane, a largely deserted street next to railway arches near his cathedral, at 9.30pm where he clambered into a stranger’s Mercedes and started throwing toys on to the road.

Paul Sumpter, the car’s owner, was playing pool in Suchard Bar when he heard his vehicle alarm go off.

He ran outside and saw Mr Butler, dressed in his robes and a smart black over coat, sitting in the back seat throwing out the toys.

Mr Sumpter said to him: “What are doing in my car?”

Mr Butler replied: “I’m the Bishop of Southwark, it’s what I do.”

Mr Sumpter and a friend then dragged him out of the car and, in the fracas, the bishop accidentally fell to the pavement.

Mr Butler, a father of two, sat on the kerb while onlookers offered to call an ambulance. The bishop was then said to have stood up and staggered into a railway arch.

And click here for a very funny liturgy derived from these antics.

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