I get intimidated easily…

Smart people intimidate me.
People that talk in theories and riddles.
People that talk in a language i cannot understand.

Beautiful people intimidate me.
Perfect smile, perfect hair, perfect tan, perfect bodies.
They mock me.
I’m intimidated by oriental parade on a sunny day like today.

Popular people intimidate me.
They have something i will never own.

Extraverted people intimidate me.
Their zest for life makes me feel deficient.

Introverted people intimidate me.
I fear their deep secrets.

Christians who always walk in victory intimidate me.
I fear them discovering the truth.
Or i fear that they might be right.

My insecurities fuel my intimidations.
And sometimes i feel small.

5 thoughts on “intimidation

  1. All the poeple on Oriental Pde spend the whole time trying to appear like they’re not intimidated by each other. I should know, I live there . . . . Except for the kids, they just have fun.

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