and it shall be known as 007

Happy New Year. So this is it…

Been a remarkably quiet start to the year. In fact, getting on the bus a few seconds ago was the first time anyone had wished me "happy new year" in person.

Drove home yesterday from Taumarunui following the family reunion. Stopped with Tim and Emma at Ohakea and then Grandma at Raumati. Very tired when I got back to wellington so settled in for a quiet night in with a bottle of grape juice and a can of peaches in front of the Royal Variety Show. I must be getting very old. The introduction to Meat Loaf saw in the new year, accompanied by fireworks a few houses down.

So, what does the new year bring? Off to Soul Survivor today for a pre-festival team meeting. Should be a blast.

More widely? I'm not sure. I think i need this January of festivals for God to seed in me the dream for the next step. Embarking on this journey was a dream accomplished. Now for the real journey and adventure!

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