Isn’t She Beautiful?

A great semninar for churches that gets me excited.
“A seminar for leaders celebrating the local church”

Sometimes we get too carried away picking on the church. Sometimes we consider it integgigent to gripe at great length about the annoying politics, lethargy, inertia, inability and general lethargy and frustration of the church. And with good reason.

But the church is also beautiful. It is also lovely. It is also precious.

Main session topics for the seminar (which I will never get to):

“This lovely, frustrating, intoxicating, painful, hard, compelling mystery called church and why she’s worth dying for”

“There’s a box? A theology of creativity”

“A few thoughts on God, Jesus, salvation, judgment, heaven, hell, who’s in, who’s out, and the end of the world as we know it”

“The absolute necessity of endlessly reclaiming your innocence”

Way cool.

If you can’t get here, how about coming to Soul Survivor instead? Online registrations are now working again!

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