A week off

Having a week relaxing up at Omaha Beach before U2 on Friday night and flying back for Dave and Ingrid’s wedding

For posterity:

  • Saturday – Early start to attend New Wine Central Committee meeting (the last before Summe Wine). Picked up at 3pm by Scott and Nikki. By 4pm, all were on the road, heading north. Spent the night in Rotorua at Crash Palace – a place as classy as the name suggests. Who left the heaters on?
  • Sunday – Rough night’s sleep, slow start. McBreakfast and shopping before heading up to Auckland, and through to Omaha Beach. Fantastic place where we were treated to an incredible barbecue. I think of the folks back at Splinter heaps as they do church.
  • Monday – Another slow start, but this time with no required check out. The guys head to get somemore supplies. Walked on the beach, and a little evening fishing/napping on the breakwater.
  • Tuesday – Now. The others are out playing tennis, and I am taking this opportunity to post here. Got a bit sunburnt yesterday, so need to look after myself better.

I’m loving this chance to have a break.

One thought on “A week off

  1. One I figured out how to find the “add to favourites” thing on my updated Internet Explorer (which, unsurprisingly, took me quite a while) I’ve added you to my favourites list. Had you had an RSS feed (sounds like something they do at the zoo with the animals if you ask me) I would have hit that button. I know where that button is at least. Enjoy your rest. I’m still trying to master technology…

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