Movember Update Pic

The words “due to popular demand” and “movember” do not usually fit pleasantly together. However, here is the latest photo of the effort at hand. Up close it is more impressive, but the blondness disguises my efforts at manliness.

Other thoughts of a random nature:

1// U2!

2// Saw “Flags of our Fathers” on Monday night. A recommended film. Not as USA patriotic as I imagined, nor an numbing as Saving Private Ryan (although some bits are pretty hard to take)

3// Tired overall. Had a nap in my car for an hour this afternoon on my way back from Tawa. Have learnt from previous lessons, and make sure I’m parked on a downhill slope before napping.

4// U2 with the lads. I am very excited. And blessed.

5// Love can change the world.

6// Time to go watch a U2 dvd!

2 thoughts on “Movember Update Pic

  1. /me tries to decide if it is the long work days or the manishblondmo that makes you look so… err…matureYou will be pleased to note that the three male teachers at my work having been hassled mercilessly by me on the 5th for NOT producing a mo or any kind (to me that long to be sure they weren’t actually trying to) – are now all sporting their various efforts. I am thinking of instating the Rove/PeterHeller rules of weakest mo gets waxed at the end of the “challenge”.On the side I have whispered to my teaching team mates that we shave off all entries at the end of November and make a little hairpiece for our hairchallenged principal *SHHHgigglesSHHHH*As for your other thoughts..1// *has U2 envy*2// Also saw Flags of Our fathers – having been waiting for AGES for it, knowing that Clint directs a great movie and now waiting eagerly for the flip side film (also by Eastwood) of the Japanese point of view of the same battle…3// Pleased you stopped car before taking hour nap4// *has more U2 envy*5// Love is all we need6// ooo good idea!7// Please look after yourself and get some REST in between enjoying u2 and such or I shall have to move to Wellington and enforce manditory complusorynaps.

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