The Night of the Hell Hamsters

I’m not much of a movie reviewer, but through connections with Mark at (New Zealand Film news site) I was priviledged to attend the premiere of The Night of the Hell Hamsters last Wednesday. Thought I better write up some sort of report…

Night of the Hell Hamsters – New Zealand Premiere

The Screening
The screening was held in one of the theatres at Park Road Post in Miramar. A small theatre (capacity 30) but spectacularly adorned with big screen, stunning sound, and the most comfortable seats ever…

The Story

Being only 16 minutes long, the story here is simple and clearly developed. There are definitely a few surprises along the way, and the scriptwriting is a definite highlight. I personally took great delight in the dialogue. This is certainly a script with quotable quality (if only there were more people could catch my references when I do.) Credit to Hadyn Green, Mike Roseingrave & Paul Campion.

Special Effects
Don’t expect this movie to wow you with the realism of it’s special effects. The attacking hamsters with their glowing eyes are not gonna give you too many nightmares for their realism, but the wires clearly visible as one levitates simply adds to the enjoyment of this film. This is a horror comedy, and it is firmly sticking to it’s genre. Excessive quantities of blood and the occasional body part add to the fun.

My Thoughts
The Night of the Hell Hamsters is a little gem of a film. It’s fun, gorey (enough to make me squirm), doesn’t take itself too seriously, and demonstrates that director Paul Campion shows great promise in his directorial aspirations. This film is now being picked up by horror festivals around the world, and dvd release looks likely.

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