Jesus Army: Magazine – Talking to..

Jesus Army: Magazine – Talking to Mike Pilavachi

I long for a church in this nation, and around the world, that really speaks and spearheads peace – an example to the world of an alternative society, that cares and loves and serves and weeps.

I want to encourage people not to wait until they think they’re sorted before they step out in His name. Do it now and He’ll somehow sort them out on the way. I suppose as I’ve gone on I’ve realised how much I struggle with things. I sometimes feel low, I sometimes have insecurities and doubts, I sometimes mess up and I hurt people. In the end to some degree or other, we’re all going to limp into heaven and when I see Him face to face, then everything will get completely sorted!

I pray that I’m faithful to the end and I don’t mess up before I die. Also I hope and pray that many of my brothers and sisters would see that God can do amazing things in their weakness and their vulnerability. It’s His treasure in our jars of clay.

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